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Was ist Magento?

Magento ist eine Onlineshopsoftware und wurde in der Version 1.0 erstmals am 31. März 2008 als Open-Source-E-Commerce-Plattform veröffentlicht. Produziert wird Magento von der gleichnamigen Firma Magento (ehemals Varien) unter Zuhilfenahme des Zend Frameworks. Magento wird auf 1,0 % aller Websites eingesetzt (Stand Juli 2014) und ist damit die am meisten verwendete reine Onlineshopsoftware.

Die Magento Inc. ist seit dem 6. Juni 2011 eine 100-%-Tochter von eBay und gehört zur X.Commerce Business Unit. Das Unternehmen hat nach eigenen Angaben weltweit 375 Mitarbeiter.

Magento steht unter der Open Software License Version 3.0.

Magento Blog News

Developer Diaries: MexBS

Interview with Sveta Oksen, CEO at MexBS, about the company’s wide range of Magento extensions.

Datum: 17.08.2018 | 03:31

How to Prepare Your Loyalty Program for The Holiday Season

A month-by-month plan to connect with your existing customers and generate more revenue

Datum: 15.08.2018 | 19:34

How Brand Marketers Are Optimizing Customer Experience In 2018

Takeaways from an Econsultancy roundtable in Hong Kong

Datum: 14.08.2018 | 17:43

Gabor Shoes AG Engages the Omnichannel Approach

How a German Footwear Manufacturer evolved their retail model to compete in the digital age

Datum: 10.08.2018 | 19:43

Magento Masters Spotlight: Carmen Bremen

Get to know Carmen Bremen, Magento Certified Developer at

Datum: 9.08.2018 | 03:42

What Does Conversion Rate Optimization Mean for Marketers In 2018?

Takeaways from the Econsultancy roundtable with Magento & eWave

Datum: 8.08.2018 | 01:36

5 Extensions To Help Increase Conversion This Holiday Season

Featured extension from the Magento Marketplace Team

Datum: 7.08.2018 | 05:05

Creative Segmentation to Elevate Customer Experience This Holiday Season

Go beyond sales and promotions to captivate customers

Datum: 30.07.2018 | 20:06

How to Set Up Your Brand for a Winning Holiday Shopping Season

‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ (For Insights)

With consumers reveling in summers delight, the winter holidays have yet to register on their radar. For merchants, this is an ideal time to begin preparations for the busiest shopping season of the year. According to Adobe Analytics, the 2017 holiday season set a high-water mark: “Online shopping sales hit a record $108.2 billion this holiday season, a 14.7 percent increase from last year.”

Datum: 26.07.2018 | 22:11

Magento Masters Spotlight: Óscar Recio

Get to know Óscar Recio, Magento Lead Developer at interactiv4

Datum: 26.07.2018 | 04:20

5 Extensions That Offer New Ways to Accelerate Your Business

This month we’re highlighting some popular extensions that’ll give you new ways to accelerate your business. How about helping you improve your SEO, allowing repeat customers to store their credit card information securely, connecting to a CRM, adding B2B functionality, or offering a charity donation option to your Magento store? The world of commerce is your oyster.

Datum: 24.07.2018 | 00:10

Prime Day Recap: Lessons Learned in Keeping Customers for Life

How to make the most of peak days and keep the new customers they bring

Datum: 23.07.2018 | 18:34

Drop Shipping: Start an Online Business Without Breaking the Bank

Drop Shipping is becoming one of the most cost effective ways to start an online business. What are the benefits of drop shipping? What are the disadvantages? Use these insider tips for choosing the right wholesaler for your online store.

Datum: 20.07.2018 | 01:52

Four Trends Driving Conversion Rate Optimizations (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has become a critical part of improving eCommerce site performance and marketing ROI

Datum: 18.07.2018 | 18:00

Shipping: The Last Mile of the Customer Journey

Shipping has a big impact on customer experience and loyalty

Datum: 18.07.2018 | 02:31

5 Ways to Use AI to Improve B2B eCommerce

The most successful companies welcome change, seeing future unknowns as opportunities to disrupt and win

Datum: 17.07.2018 | 03:39

What Is Experience-Driven Commerce—And Is It the Future?

The challenges and opportunities of supporting the customer at every step of their journey 

Datum: 16.07.2018 | 23:51

Get Ideas, Inspirations, and Insights at the Magento B2B Experience

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from industry experts on current B2B trends and topics

Datum: 13.07.2018 | 05:52

New Community Insider Program is Now Accepting Applications

Together, we can enrich our global ecosystem by fostering community and product innovation

Datum: 10.07.2018 | 21:19

Developer Diaries: Amasty

We interviewed Andrei Vashkevich, CEO of Amasty, to tell us about one of their most popular extensions, Free Gift, and their future plans

Datum: 2.07.2018 | 17:36

Study Shows B2B Digital Commerce Maturity Leads to Higher Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that eCommerce is core to B2B strategy. From increasing revenue to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, companies see the opportunity to achieve more growth through digital channels.

So why have just 26% of B2B companies fully implemented best practices?

Today we’re unveiling new research, called “What It Takes to Be a Leader in B2B eCommerce,” with the main objective of answering that question – and providing practical steps you can to take to elevate your operations from good to great.

Datum: 26.06.2018 | 21:09

Bruce Dickinson is the Magento Live Europe 2018 Keynote Speaker

The High-flying Iron Maiden Star will Deliver an Energizing Keynote 

Datum: 26.06.2018 | 20:18

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Optimize Their Magento 2 Store After Launch

You’ve launched your new Magento 2 store. Now what? 

Datum: 25.06.2018 | 23:26

Magento is Now Part of Adobe

We are excited to announce that the acquisition of Magento is complete and Magento Commerce is now an Adobe company.

Now—more than ever—we are strategically positioned to deliver contextualized commerce experiences that will help each of our customers transform into experience businesses.

Datum: 19.06.2018 | 19:03

Intelligent eCommerce Democratizes Data for B2B Clients

Anita Andrews, Magento's Head of Data Analytics Services, weighs in 

Datum: 14.06.2018 | 22:07

Developer Diaries: Webkul

Interview with Vipin Sahu, Director of eCommerce at Webkul, about the company’s popular multi-vendor marketplace extension

Datum: 11.06.2018 | 19:47

Top 3 Priorities of a B2B Mobile Strategy

Your mobile commerce strategy plays an important part in successfully moving forward with your digital journey

Datum: 6.06.2018 | 22:15

Cool Places to Visit During IRCE From Our Chicago Partners

An insider list of the best places to visit, eat, and play

Datum: 5.06.2018 | 00:50

5 Tips from an eCommerce Leader: Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked by Melissa

The cupcake maven shares the key ingredients of her success

Datum: 1.06.2018 | 22:14

GDPR is here!

Updated Magento Commerce policies and agreements meet GDPR standards

Datum: 25.05.2018 | 16:46

Adobe to Acquire Magento

Mark Lavelle shares his thoughts on the announcement.

Datum: 21.05.2018 | 20:52

eCommerce ‘Destroying the Retail Orthodoxies’: B2B Selling Must Follow B2C Trends

Insights from Sucharita Kodali, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Inc.

Datum: 18.05.2018 | 05:20

10 New Magento Commerce Cloud Features

Some seriously awesome updates from our Magento Cloud Team to help developers innovate faster

Datum: 18.05.2018 | 03:16

Personalization From the Inside Out: Delivering the Forgotten Piece of Customer Experience

Merchants have focused personalization efforts on the browsing and transacting experience. But can they do more?

Datum: 16.05.2018 | 04:52

5 Benefits of Having a Unified B2C and B2B eCommerce Site

How manufacturers or merchants who sell in larger quantities can grow with both B2C and B2B 

Datum: 14.05.2018 | 23:38

Magento Q&A: Trinkel De La Paz

Trinkel joined Magento Commerce in 2014 and is the company’s Art Director, and she is the design powerhouse behind the visuals for Imagine 2018.


Datum: 10.05.2018 | 23:08

Create Better Shopping Experiences With Magento Commerce

The latest release enables merchants to create exceptional shopping experiences that minimize cart abandonment

Datum: 2.05.2018 | 18:41

Coming Soon! The Magento Community Insider Program

If you are an individual developer or part of a smaller agency not currently in one of Magento's Partner Programs, the Community Insider program is the perfect first step for you to formalize your relationship with Magento. Community Insiders build merchant solutions using Open Source or Magento Commerce. As a member of the program, you’ll get access to resources that help you expand your Magento skillset and enable your business to grow. The program will accelerate your efforts to help merchants build, launch, and grow innovative online stores.

Datum: 30.04.2018 | 15:25

Leading the Charge at Imagine 2018

Imagine 2018 was a great success thanks to our community of merchants, partners, and developers

Datum: 26.04.2018 | 23:13

What We Learned About Leadership From Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx shared his wisdom with the Magento community during Imagine 2018

Datum: 26.04.2018 | 16:44

2018 Partner Award Winners: Magento Solution Partners

A round of applause, please!

Datum: 26.04.2018 | 00:28

2018 Partner Award Winners: Magento Technology Partners

Drumroll, please…

Datum: 25.04.2018 | 23:32

Baked By Melissa Founder Shares The Journey to Sweet Success

Baked by Melissa founder, Melissa Ben-Ishay, shared her inspirational brand journey at Imagine 2018

Datum: 24.04.2018 | 21:48

Magento Celebrates World Book Day at Imagine with First Book

The nonprofit book company is an eCommerce innovator

Datum: 24.04.2018 | 07:08

Magento Q&A: Heather Kaminetsky

A former VP at, Heather is now the President of Riley, the premium bedding and bath Webstore. 

Datum: 24.04.2018 | 03:11

Magento Q&A: Mark Teperson

Mark is the Chief Digital Officer at the Australian footwear giant Accent Group, and a self-confessed sneaker addict

Datum: 21.04.2018 | 03:30

6 Tips for Taking Great Events Photos

Advice from our official Imagine 2018 photographer, Sean Barnes

Datum: 20.04.2018 | 23:51

Your Imagine 2018 Quick Guide

Meetings, and sessions, and Vegas, oh my! Tips for making the most of Imagine 2018

Datum: 19.04.2018 | 01:23

Developer Diaries: Aheadworks

How to build a great theme: A conversation with Dmitry Shatkov, Chief Content Officer of Aheadworks 

Datum: 17.04.2018 | 17:38

Magento Q&A: Courtney Heitman

Courtney is a scrum master and UX developer for the Magento team at Gallup, in Omaha, Nebraska

Datum: 13.04.2018 | 00:51

Magento Shopsystem Erstellung

Wir bieten Magento Dienstleistungen an für 30,- Euro.

Magento Shop erstellen. Shoperstellung Kosten zwischen 750- Euro und 1400,- Euro.

Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns über Telefon 0441-2333305 (Mo. - Fr. 9 Uhr - 17 Uhr)  in Oldenburg auf, oder per Email an (24/7).

Magento Template Erstellung

Wir erstellen Magento 1.9.1 Templates auf Bassis des "Blank" Templates. Wir ändern auch gerne Ihre bestehenden Templates oder erweitern diese um weitere Funktionen wie zum Beispiel Social Networking.

Magento Erweiterungen und Extensions

Wir helfen Ihnen die passende Magento Extension für Ihre Vorstellung zu finden.

Sei es die Integration von eBay mit Magento, Anbindung an eine Warenwirtschaft, CRM, die Möglichkeiten sind vielfältig.

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